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Usher Law Group, P.C. offers a multitude of client-centered services including LegalVaultĀ® a special document storage system which allows you and your attorney to easily and securely store and maintain important documents as well as vital health and asset information for secure and convenient retrieval. Ā 


In California, when a deceased person has left assets valued in excess of $150,000 which have not been placed in a living trust or joint tenancy ownership prior to death, a full PROBATE proceeding is very likely to be necessary. Full PROBATE proceedings are generally directed toward collection and management of assets, payment of debts and taxes, and the distribution of the balance of the assets as provided in the will.

If a person dies intestate, meaning without a will, California's intestate succession laws will determine how assets will be distributed to heirs. The person named to distribute the property of someone who dies intestate is called an "administrator." The person named to distribute property as directed by a will is called an "executor."

At ULG we find satisfaction in helping executors and administrators through the probate process. We handle all types of wills, prepare all legal documents, conduct all legal filings, make all court appearances, and work to conclude the probate process efficiently.

If you have been named as an executor or administrator of someone's estate, you are limited in the actions you can take without court approval. You should consult an attorney before doing anything related to the decedent's property or creditors. Contact ULG for an Initial Consultation to determine whether or not a full PROBATE is necessary in your case.

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